Cross Platform App Development with LiveCode

Tools 12th July, 2012

LiveCode is a tool for you to develop mobile apps quickly. You can build your app for one mobile platform, and just run it on the other without worrying if the features you used will be supported. Plus the Field object has been substantially reworked to make beautifully formatted text a joy to create, even when you are using unicode.

LiveCode Mobile allows you to achieve your project goals in a fraction of the time with our compile-free workflow changes happen in real time to slash debugging and maintenance. In addition, it enables you to deliver to multiple devices and platforms from a single code base – for a quick & easy cross platform experience. You can take advantage of native platform features on each supported platform – port from iOS to Android and vice versa with simplicity and ease. You can also write code in English that makes sense, so you can learn that even non-programmers can use it. You can lever the same programming language for code re-use across all platforms – save time and money in the development cycle.