Collection of iPhone 6 Plus PSD Mockups

Design 2nd October, 2014

A remarkable iPhone 6 Plus has just been released. It is going to sweep the world again. iPhone 6 has a series of new features including larger display and a faster chip. Since the size of screen is different to the old one, to iphone apps designers, it is a new business opportunity through development of new iOS apps.

Apps user always judge the apps by its appearance. Without good PSD mockup, your apps cannot be presented nicely. The impression of your app users is always on its look rather than others. Therefore, dressing up your mobile apps is extremely important to your apps development.

To ease of your design works, Mobile Tuxedo is ahead to search and collect fantastic iphone  6 retina PSD mockups . The mockups include black and white colours in both regular front and side views to ensure your design to become more presentable. These PSD files are fully scalable and completely free for your download. In addition, a printable iPhone 6 and Plus template is also provided for your design drafting works.

Let’s download Apple’s latest and greatest creation PSD.

iPhone 6 PSD Template (View in an Angle)

A regular retina PSD mockup is provided. The characteristic view in an angle can be seen here. You can use this PSD to present your apps different from regular.

iPhone 6 Plus PSD Vector Mockup (Regular Plan Views)

The new iPhone 6 vector mockup template (regular plan view) is a fully-scalable vector shape iPhone 6 psd. It is created a very detailed front view of the black and white iPhone 6 with smart layers to showcase your web or iOS app with ease as a iPhone 6 mockup.

iPhone 6 Plus Templates (View in Different Orientations)

Regular retina PSD mockups are provided. The characteristic views in various angles which can display your apps with different orientations and multi screenshots in one go. You can use this PSD to present your apps nicely.