BugSense – Real Time Bug Tracking for Mobile Apps

Tools 23rd March, 2012

BugSense is developed to assist mobile developers to get the context of the errors, track errors in specific app version or filter errors by device. BugSense collects all the information the mobile developer needs when there was Internet connectivity at the time of the crash

Its searchable function can save your time when you need to go through endless error logs. You can search for the error you want to track quickly, filter per application version, focus on a country. BugSense’s advanced search will help you find faster the information you want so that you can focus on your app, not your bugs.¬†Using BugSense you will be notified immediately when a new error takes place so that you can improve your app ASAP.

BugSense is trusted by thousands of businesses just like yours. World-class mobile apps, software houses, independent developers.