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Developer: Input Factory, Inc.

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Polar lets you vote on great-looking photo polls about fashion, film, food, and much more — no matter where you are. Making your own polls is simple and fast thanks to the app’s built-in image search feature. With Polar on your phone, you’re never more than one tap away from entertaining questions you’ll love to answer.

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NexusUI Mobile Music Interfaces

Tools 30th July, 2014

NexusUI is a JavaScript library of audio interface components that can control web audio or transmit OSC data to other applications. NexusUI can be used to integrate directly with the web audio API in the browser, or to...

Google Analytics Launched its iPhone App

Information 23rd July, 2014

Google has launched an official Google Analytics app for iPhone, providing the same data you’re used to from your web dashboard on your mobile device, including visits, sources,...

Onsen UI – A Custom Elements-Based HTML5 UI Framework

Framework 16th July, 2014

Onsen UI is a front-end development framework for PhoneGap/Cordova hybrid apps. It focuses on the creation of usable mobile applications. Also, used with Monaca, it is simple to...

Android Material UI Kit

Design 9th July, 2014

This offers you the Android Material UI Kit for download. Google documentation is by far the best resource for all design information that you need to know and should be the starting point. Great job from Google on such detailed...

Great Design Details – Path for iOS

Design 2nd July, 2014

This is to introduce you the design details of Path app. Path for iOS has long been associated with beautiful design and having an obsessive attention to detail. Despite slow...

Great Concept of Pushing iOS

Others 19th June, 2014

Pushing iOS is a great concept of a non-existing version of iOS built from scratch in Adobe Fireworks CS6 and rendered in Adobe After Effects CC. There is no download link or ways for you to use this right now. Since trying to...

Build a Career Making Beautiful Apps with Famo.us

Framework 11th June, 2014

Famo.us is a free, open source JavaScript framework that helps you create smooth, complex UIs for any screen. It is the only JavaScript framework that includes an open source 3D...

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Learning to Build a News Reader App from Sketch to the App Store

Information 4th June, 2014

Designcode.io is a digital book which allows you to learn iOS design and Xcode to build a News Reader App from Sketch to the App Store. Apple completely revamped their design...

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Information 28th May, 2014

Apple has issued a useful guidelines about iOS human interface which introduces apps developer for developing graphical user interfaces. The ebook is written concisely and demonstrates a lot of great UI examples. Apple continues...

POP – Extensible iOS and OS X Animation Library

Framework 21st May, 2014

Pop is an extensible animation engine for iOS and OS X. In addition to basic static animations, it supports spring and decay dynamic animations, making it useful for building...

Principles of Mobile Site Design – Delight Users and Drive Conversions

Information 14th May, 2014

This article will show you the principles of mobile site design. Consumers increasingly rely on the mobile web to research and make purchases, which makes it more important than...

Build an iOS App from Sketch to the App Store Simply

Information 7th May, 2014

Building an app has never been this simple. This article will show you how to make the iOS apps from sketch. Sketch and Xcode makes the whole process approachable to both...

A Simple Development Kit to Create Gestures for all of your Platforms

Tools 30th April, 2014

GestureKit is a simple development kit to create gestures for all of your platforms. It works as a transparent overlay in your application. This means that gestures and your...

Motion UI Design Principles for Mobile Apps

Information 23rd April, 2014

This article will go through some simple UI motion design principles. These basic principles outlined will focus more on the what and why, rather than the how to of motion /...